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Listen on your PC with Windows Media Player: Windows Media Player

Listen on your PC with iTunes: Open to Listen with iTunes

Listen on your iPhone iPod or iPad: Open to Listen with iTunes

Listen in SL with our free radios: Second Life Marketplace

Our free radios play not only IndieSpectrum Radio but any other Internet radio station, with an editable list of over 250 other stations to choose from.

You get 18 radios!: iPod MP3 radio, iPhone 4S, 5 and a mesh iPhone 7, audio rack radio, a 50s five tube radio, a surround receiver, a really authentic antique radio and a IndieSpectrum Radio logo sign. They come with and without now playing hover text and some with alphanumeric displays.

Listen in SL from your land:

1: Click on the location bar at the top of the SL screen.

2: Select the "Media" tab.

3: Copy and paste (no www!) into your land's " Music URL". If you rent your place get your landlord to put it in the land or give you rights to do this.

4: Click the play arrow next to the music note at the lower right of your screen.

5: Turn up (move to right), and unmute, the "Master" and "Music" volume sliders in. NOTE: you may have to turn up and turn on your computer's sound also.

If the music play button is grayed out in SL click "Edit", " Preferences"," Audio & Video", "Streaming Preferences" and check the check box to "Play Streaming Music When Available".

IndieSpectrum Radio is the creation of Second Life® resident Fox Reinsch

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