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This will take less than a minute of typing and clicking to upload as many tracks as you like.

You only need to fill in the blanks below once, no matter how many songs you would like to upload.

After you see: "Thanks for the music..." click "upload another track" at the bottom!

1st Music file:

Any digital audio format accepted, but MP3 preferred. We need the song title in the filename or in MP3 tags.

NOTE: If you upload a newer version that has exactly the same song title as the old one the old one will automatically be replaced.

Real Name:

Do not fill this in unless you want your real name listed on our web page (you may use your stage or band name if you wish).

Second Life Avatar/Resident Name: NOTE: Required!!

NOTICE: If we do not find you in Second Life with an active profile, your music WILL NOT be put on the station!

To be on this station and perform live in Second Life go here: Second Life ; Performing live in Second Life.

Second Life is a great place for musicians to perform live on the web.

Email address:

This will never become public and it will only be used for IndieSpectrum to occasionally contact you.

Web address:

This will be used for your links on our page and for our links to buy your music. (if you would like two separate links, please email us)

You must give us permission! Read and agree, thanks.