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Dear Artist/Composer,

As you are probably aware, the recording industry, along with other influential copyright/licensing Groups in the U.S., has enacted strict legislation to control the streaming of copyrighted material on the Internet. One of the ways the industry ensures everyone is legal is by collecting license fees from webcasters who play copyrighted and/or licensed material on their broadcasts. Once paid, these license fees give a broadcaster legal permission to play virtually any music they wish.

Indie Spectrum Radio (hereafter referred to as ISR) isn't your typical radio broadcast, however. Unlike commercial broadcasters who air copyrighted music from a large library of CDs, ISR only broadcasts the music of independent musicians who have chosen to include their *original* music on the playlist. Since ISR has permission to broadcast this music direct from the copyright owners, it doesn't make sense to pay license fees to one or more third-party organizations to acquire this same permission.

That being said, some day ISR may be asked to pay license fees to SoundExchange (for the RIAA, AFTRA and AFM) BMI ASCAP, SESAC and other performing rights organizations (PROSs). If ISR becomes extremely popular these fees would amount to thousands of dollars per month. Please understand that you, as the artist/composer, would in all likelihood receive nothing from these blanket license payments (and if you did, it would be literally pennies). The bottom line: if ISR was forced to pay these license fees, we would be forced to cease broadcasting.

The good news is, if ISR can show it has permission from every artist/composer on the playlist to broadcast their music, ISR can claim exemption from these license fees. To this end, ISR requests the following from you, as a participating artist/composer:

1) A declaration that you are the sole artist and copyright owner for your compositions on the ISR playlist. I have provided you with a list of songs to be included. Please verify that:

a) you own 100% of the copyright to the musical composition; or if the song is a public domain work, you own 100% of the copyright on the arrangement; and

b) you own 100% of the copyright to the master recordings(s).

2) A declaration that as the copyright owner of these works, you give ISR permission to broadcast your music, royalty-free, via the Internet on ISR, in exchange for the promotional benefit that exposure will bring you to our listeners.

3) A declaration that you will represent yourself as the licensor and copyright owner of you music to ISR for broadcast, and that you are not relying on SoundExchange, the RIAA or a PRO organization as your agent to do this for you.

What follows is a non-exclusive license to broadcast your music. It gives Indie Spectrum Radio the freedom to play and promote your music on ISR. To be included on the broadcast, please carefully read this agreement, and agree to it before uploading your music.

Fox Reinsch
IndieSpectrum Radio

Thank you very much!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me:
Yahoo: foxreinsch
SL IM: Fox Reinsch


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